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Rubio Monocoat - Nano Industrial

Quick-dry stain for industrial application

Rubio Monocoat Nano Industrial assortment is a product for the creative pre-colouring of wood with an industrial line. 
The product does not react with the tannic acid in the wood and camouflages the sapwood.

Rubio Monocoat Nano Industrial is always finished with an RMC Oil. The combination of these products offers unlimited creative options while guaranteeing optimal molecular bonding of the RMC Oil with the wood

  • Fast-drying.

  • Releases no toxic or irritating vapours.

  • Available in 9 different shades.

       Smoke: smoked effect

       Fumed: weathered effect

       Colours: contrasting or complementary colour effects

       These colours can be inter-mixed

  • Packaging: 100 ml and 1 L bottles, 5 L and 20 L can

For more information please see the:  Technical datasheet

Nano industrial.jpg

Rubio Monocoat - Oil UV R2

UV-catalysed finishing oil

Hardwax oil protects and colours your wood in one single layer Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV R2 is a UV-catalysed oxidative oil that creates a molecular reaction with the uppermost microns of the wood surface. This technology allows the wood to be coloured and protected in a single coat.

Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV R2 is based on a combination of plant oils and waxes and has little impact on the environment due to its 0% VOC content and very low usage.


  • Available in 40 standard colours and now also available in additional 13 trend colours

  • On top of that colours can be mixed so you can create your own, individual colour

  • Enhances the natural look and feel of the wood as now film is applied on the wood surface

  • Easy to maintain and to repair surface damages

  • Fast-drying: colours and protects wood in a single layer

  • Minimal consumption / economical application: 12 to 16 g/m2

  • Controls moisture

  • Non-water based

  • Long-lasting protection

For more information please see the:  Technical datasheet

Oil UV R2.jpg

Hardwax oil, protective finish for the Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV R2.

Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV Topcoat R2 is usually applied as an extra protective finish for the Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV R2. 

It intensifies the colour of the Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV R2 and helps - in combination with the Rubio® Monocoat Oil UV R2 - avoiding potential flaws, typical for industrial applications.

  • Excellent yield: 4 - 7 g/m2

  • Retains the natural look of the wood

  • Non-water-based

  • Eco-friendly, based on vegetable oils

  • Complies with the VOC EU 2010 Directive

  • Low energy consumption

Rubio Monocoat - Oil UV Topcoat R2

Optional cover layer for more gloss

Oil UV R2.jpg

For more information please see the:  Technical datasheet

Rubio Monocoat - LED Oil

Instant dry on site

Rubio® Monocoat LED Oil is a hard wax oil for the finishing of wooden floors and furniture, specially designed for instant curing with LED technology. Just like all Rubio® Monocoat oils, RMC LED Oil is based on the well-known RMC technology of molecular bonding and combines as such the unique characteristics of the RMC oils with the advantages of LED-curing oil technology.

Advantages LED-curing technology

  • Environmentally-friendly: no mercury, no unpleasant odour, no ozone emission, no need for an extraction unit.

  • Energy-efficient: longer-lasting lightbulbs which consume considerably less energy.

  • Time-saving: wood can be walked on or packed immediately after treatment. In short, a durable, efficient and cost-effective way to finish wood!


  • Is applied in 1 coat.

  • 0% VOC - solvent-free.

  • Natural look and feel like with oxidative finishing.

  • Water-resistant after 6 hours.

  • Lasting protection and colouring of the wood.

  • Easy to maintain with standard range.

  • Easy to use, no overlaps possible before curing process

  • Can be used on almost all wood types.

  • 40 unique, intense colours.

  • Cures instantly with LED light.

For more information please see the:  Technical datasheet   

                                                                         LED brochure  


Rubio Monocoat - Fire Retardant FR Oil

Fire retardant wood oil for public buildings


The Rubio Monocoat FR oil system is the first fire-retardant oil system to be Bfl-s1 certified for oak. The oil system combines pretreatment with flame retardant RMC FR Base and finishing with Rubio Monocoat FR Oil 2C.

Oil, no film is formed:
The Rubio Monocoat FR oil system is based on well-known molecular bonding technology. That means that Rubio Monocoat FR oil forms a molecular bond with the surface microns of wood. That results in lasting protection without the accumulation of layers.

Without salt:
Research has shown that the content of salts can severely limit the effectiveness of flame retardant products. Unlike many flame retardant systems, the Rubio Monocoat FR oil system does not contain salts. That increases the durability of the system.

Limitation of smoke development:
One of the focuses was during the creation of the Rubio Monocoat FR oil system was to limit smoke evolution. Statistics have shown that smoke dramatically reduces the chances of rescuing people in a fire situation. The smoke production of our system has reached s1 classification in terms of smoke generation. That is a clear indication that our system is more secure in this area as well.


  • No stratification, no saturation

  • 0% VOC

  • No solvents or water

  • Available in 48 standard interior colours

  • Manual and industrial application

  • Optimal performance: low power consumption

  • Bfl-s1 certificate tested according to the standard: EN 13501-1: EN ISO 11925-2 and EN ISO 9239-1

  • Packaging: FR base - 1 litre and 5-litre boxes

  • Packaging: FR Oil 2C - 1.3 litre and 3.5-litre duo can Rubio Monocoat - Fire Retardant FR Oil

  • Fire retardant wood oil for public buildings

For more information please see the:  Technical datasheet   

                                                                         Safety datasheet - Componant A

                                                                         Safety datasheet - Componant B


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