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Our partners

Rubio Monocoat wood oil was developed in Izegem, in the heart of Belgium. Currently, our products are used all over the world, from Mexico to the United States and South Africa to China. We are pleased to say that more and more people in Hungary know and love our products, so we can contribute to the success of more and more woodworking projects.


“The tree has a soul, it breathes, it changes color, it rots, but its touch radiates warmth and life! ''


Katona Manufaktúra Kft. has been in the carpentry business for 20 years and we love what we do. Our passion is wood.


The motto “There is no such thing as no” is an extremely good expression of JAF Holz’s philosophy. For us, quality service is not just an empty phrase, but an everyday, natural part of doing business.


Quality, reliability. Carpentry company specializing in custom products.


Wood art, wood friends
In our open workshop, we provide infrastructure for carpenters who do not have access to it at home.


Our activities range from the purchase of logs, sawing to the delivery of finished furniture. All in one hand - this is what characterizes our company's creed.

KM Par-Ker Kft. 1.jpg

Floors for eternity.

Making inlaid parquets, custom furniture and other inlaid works.


Our goal is to build as many satisfied customers as possible, as well as long-term, reliable relationships.

Viszonteladó partnereink

Bemutatótermünkben 220 m²-en várjuk kedves vásárlóinkat, Csepel északi részén, a Közvágóhídtól 2 percre.

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Rákospalotán várjuk kedves vásárlóinkat, bemutatórmünk, üzletünk és raktáraink állnak rendelkezésükre. 

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