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Renovating the terrace professionally DIY - easier than you think!

Fortunately, wooden terraces continue to be popular with new builders, modern builders and those who authentically renovate old gates. Wood-paneled or solid wood terraces are not only aesthetic, they provide a pleasant environment for spending time outdoors - no matter how moody the weather. How can this be achieved so that it stays that way for a long time and as little time and energy as possible is consumed by the renovation and maintenance of the terrace? We will show you how to do the wood surface treatment of the terrace at home, simply, quickly and with a durable end result.

Step One: Clean the Wood Surface: Exterior Wood Cleaner

The first step in renovating a wooden surface is, of course, cleaning. If the terrace has been neglected for years, or if we have not provided adequate wood protection in the past, it is easy for the wood to be significantly worn, grayed out, and it has started to turn green here and there. In this case, too, there is no cause for concern. The surface can be cleaned with a steady sweep and Exterior Wood Cleaner. This outdoor wood surface is a preparation with a very strong cleaning effect, so it removes all the dirt from the surface extremely effectively. Before use, moisten the wood surface, even with a garden hose. Then pour a small amount on the surface and rub the entire surface with a brush or a strong broom. Exterior Wood Cleaner will foam thoroughly if you work well, remove this foam with the help of garden hose as well. Judging by the fact that thorough cleaning did not completely remove the marks, a quick sanding (you can read more about this in this post) can still fix the thing. It is worth noting that the polished surface will be lighter at the end of the surface treatment than the unpolished one, so be careful. When done, remove the dust from the patio, wash it thoroughly with water, then allow it to dry completely, then oiling may come.

Step Two: Wood surface treatment: Hybrid Wood Protector

Once the wood surface of the terrace is completely dry, we can start applying the wood oil. Work with small amounts because Hybrid Wood Protector outdoor wood oil is much more generous than average oils, so it is usually sufficient for a much larger surface area than you would expect from it. It can be applied with a Pad, a spray gun or even a cloth. Thanks to its molecular bonding technology, as with our indoor wood oil, there are no overlaps, leaving no streaks or starting lines. After applying the outdoor wood oil, allow to set for 10 minutes, react, and then use a clean cloth to remove excess oil from the wood surface.

Pro-Tip: If you want your patio to be even more durable with maximum abrasion resistance, mix 10% B-Component with it. Make sure you always make only as much mixture as you can use within 4 hours.

What makes Rubio Monocoat exterior wood oil so special?

Just like the efficiency of our indoor wood oil, the outdoor Hybrid Wood Protector is based on molecular bonding technology. From the point of view of our terrace, this is important because in this way our wood oil only binds to the top layer of the wood, so it no longer seeps into the deeper layers of the wood, but exerts its effect where it is really needed, thus preserving the natural appearance of the wood.

In addition, it is enough to apply it in a single layer, without overlapping, without starting lines and stains. As a result, it is easy to repair and very easy to renovate, as it is enough to smear it with the same product we originally used to treat the wood surface.

Terrace cleaning and maintenance

If we treat wood surfaces with Rubio Monocoat exterior products, it is important that we also clean them regularly with our product range. The easiest solution for this is our Universal Soap. This concentrate is very economical and can be used to clean both indoor and outdoor oiled wood surfaces.

Of course, we also recommend an annual inspection of the terraces, however, depending on the weather conditions, it may not be necessary to renovate the wood surface treatment every year. With regular cleaning and occasional re-oiling (without sanding!) We can enjoy the natural beauty and good condition of our terrace for a long time and without any problems.

We hope you will enjoy renovating your patio, but if you still need a little inspiration, here’s a selection of Rubio Monocoat-treated patios:

If you have any questions about our products or wood surface treatment, you may want to ask for advice on which product would be right for your woodwork, contact us by email: and we will be happy to help!


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