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Gray, bright or natural color, waterproof, self-cleaning outdoor wood paint: Rubio WoodCream

We often emphasize that proper wood surface treatment is vital if we want the results of our woodwork to remain not only long-lasting but also as aesthetic and healthy as possible. This is especially important for outdoor wooden structures that are exposed to weather conditions. But is it possible to achieve maximum wood protection by covering or preserving the natural look of the wood, either in gray or in one of the vibrant fashion colors? Yes, Rubio Woodcream is a wax-cream wood paint that is very easy to apply to vertical wood surfaces due to its creamy texture. But let's start at the beginning.

What is wax cream wood paint?

Rubio WoodCream is made with a unique hydrophobic technology. The wax-based cream not only helps with easy application, but also gives the wood and paint enough time to bond without covering the pores of the wood. Whether you apply WoodCream in one or more coats (depending on how much you want to mask the natural look of the wood), the unique properties of the product will not change. The combination of these properties makes it really special among wood surface treatment products.

Wood paint with a caring, breathable, water-repellent and self-cleaning effect

In addition to coloring and protecting wood surfaces, WoodCream penetrates deep into the wood to nourish it - all while keeping the surface breathable. You can do this without fillers. That’s why it doesn’t even start to peel, it doesn’t crack off like other surface treatments like varnishes, enamels and thick glazes, giving the wood a much longer life. By leaving the pores open, they retain their moisture and the wood’s own control is maintained - thus creating air permeability, which actually means that water is trapped back and air and steam are still permeable. This also preserves the natural feel and look of the wood.

The hydrophobic nature of WoodCream makes wood surfaces water-repellent, creating a pearlescent effect that provides very lasting protection for the wood, even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, this pearlescent effect is responsible for the self-cleaning effect, since as water droplets slide off the surface of the wood, they also remove dirt particles, thus reducing the chances of microorganisms forming and preventing frost damage. Thanks to all this, the wax-cream wood paint allows the wood to age at its natural rate, but thanks to its water-repellent and breathable effect, it protects the wood from weather conditions, mold and moss, so it also significantly increases the maintenance time and life of wood surfaces.

This video is a good illustration of the pearl effect:

Gray, Scandinavian and traditional collection

Once we’ve been convinced that WoodCream is truly providing exceptional, long-lasting and hearty wood protection for our outdoor wood surfaces, the question rightly arises: what does this look like in reality? This product is available in three color collections:

Gray collection: contains different shades of gray according to current trends. It fits perfectly into modern environments, whether it can be used for fences or wooden houses, wooden coverings, pergolas, tessars, carports.

Scandinavian collection: Scandinavian solutions have become fashionable in all areas, so the need for this direction soon arose when painting outdoor wooden surfaces. Swedish Red, Oslo Orce or Fjorde Blue can give a fun yet harmonious look to any garden concept you think of.

Traditional collection: of course, in all our products we also think of those who prefer more traditional shades. This collection has been developed for them, in which we can find a unique and special look with colors that are close to the usual ones.

In our next blog post, we’ll write about applying and maintaining Rubio WoodCream.


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