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"A little blue" - unique kitchen and bathroom furniture for a rustic wooden weekend house

Nowadays it is natural that in apartments with relatively small spaces, aesthetics and cosiness should not be given up in order to make practical use of space. We can see a lot of wonderful solutions on how to use a built-in shelving system, custom-designed furniture, unusual but beautiful solutions to make your new home as comfortable and showy as possible. In addition, we are pleased to see that the demand for natural raw materials has increased again, and we prefer to use solid wood furniture, which is somewhat more expensive, but much more durable and reliable, even in individual orders. An excellent example of this is our project of the month in May, called “A Little Blue”.

Bg Art Design - beyond epoxy

Surely many of you know the work of Gergő Bakos, ie Bg Art Design, especially his tables and cutting boards made of epoxy resin have been in the spotlight lately. But perhaps few of you know how well you treat other wood furniture. Gergő has been our dear customer for a long time, so we are pleased to present one of his exciting works, which has been given the fancy name “A Little Blue” - being relatively small, he also had to dream of a kitchen furniture and once you get started, you also designed a bathroom cabinet with a hand basin.

Natural or colorful?

This dilemma often causes headaches and sleepless nights for both the customer and the designer. If we already want real wood furniture in our home, it would be appropriate for them to retain their original, authentic look, to see the grain of the wood a little, but at least to feel the naturalness of the wood to the touch. However, we also like the colors more and more, we are more and more confident with the previously unimaginable shades - today a well-placed purple wall covering or red tile does not cause any outrage at all. 😊 How to choose between natural or colored?

The good news is that with Rubio Monocoat products, there is no need at all to make this difficult decision. Our interiors can be colorful and natural at the same time, if we want to see the pattern of the wood, if not, we can cover it while maintaining the natural feel.

Colorfully, naturally

The furniture made by Bg Art Design perfectly illustrates this duality, forming a spectacular, homely and very cozy unit. The oak countertop of the kitchen furniture was treated with RMC Oil Plus 2C interior oil in Pure color. This makes the veining of the wood visible, the color fills the space with a truly close-to-nature warmth. On the other parts of the furniture, they were pre-treated with Precolor Easy stain, in a unique color, and then wood protection was provided with RMC Oil Plus 2C wood oil, also in a unique color mix - which ultimately shows a shade of blue. This is how this extremely harmonious look was created, of course in color.

Project name: A little blue - Unique kitchen and bathroom furniture

Location: Danube Bend, Hungary

Color: Furniture elements: Precolor Easy and Oil Plus 2C - custom colour

Kitchen counter: Oil Plus 2C - Pure

Wood species: Oak

Contractor: Bg-Art Design


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