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Hungarian work is the project of the month for July at Rubio Monocoat: the renovation of the floor

We are extremely proud of the fact that in such a short time after the start of distribution in Hungary, we have managed to get Rubio Monocoat in the spotlight. In July 2022, our report on the renovation of the Opera House was chosen by the manufacturer as the project of the month, so our news was able to reach 82 countries around the world, which makes us just as happy in the Hungarian context as it does in representing the brand. Because we know that Rubio is the best choice when it comes to wood surface treatment, we boldly take on such ambitious and important challenges as oiling the floor of the well-known Budapest Opera House.

A floor renovation in the Hungarian Opera House? That calls for Rubio Monocoat!

The Hungarian State Opera House was built in 1884 and was in urgent need of renovation in 2016. The Swedish floor in the impressive Auditorium was treated with Oil Plus 2C, giving it a quality protection. In addition, the original colour was reinstated.

The restoration

Since its construction in 1884, Budapest's stately opera house has had two major renovations: in 1912 and in the early 1980s. Over the years, some minor works were also carried out, but by the end of 2016 it was time for a major restoration. The works lasted until March 2022 and provided better acoustics, more modern electrical systems (including a fire alarm), changing rooms and rehearsal rooms for musicians, ... The Swedish floor in the Auditorium was also thoroughly renovated.

Floor treatment with Rubio Monocoat

The oak elements in the Auditorium were treated with Oil Plus 2C. This way, the Swedish floors, tongue-and-groove wooden floors and inlaid elements get an optimal protection that will stand the test of time. To maintain the floor, they will clean the wood with our Universal Soap. If the surface needs an upgrade later, our Universal Maintenance Oil will be used.

Colour was also very important in this project. The intention was to restore as many original elements as possible. The original colour was chosen to match the colours of the room, upholstery, murals and decorative elements, but it had faded. Since this floor can be clearly seen from the seats above, it was therefore very important that the colour match the original shade as closely as possible. Rubio Monocoat therefore developed a customised colour for the restoration of this project.

Tip of the month: choose the right colour

Do you want the perfect colour for your project? First, put a sample on a piece of identical sanded wood to see the result. That way you can see if your colour matches. In addition, the Oil Plus 2C range includes 40 standard colours. You can mix these colours to find the ideal colour for your project. Haven't found the right colour yet? Then you can work with a pre-treatment such as Precolor Easy or Pre-Aging, or contact our colour laboratory for a unique, customised colour.

Project name: Hungarian State Opera House

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Colour: Custom-made colour

Wood Type: Oak

Contractor: Rubio Monocoat Hungary

Photographer & copyright: Hungarian State Operahouse – Photo by Nagy Attila (aerial shot) & Berecz Valter (other photos)

Sent in by: Rubio Monocoat Hungary - Vivien & Alex


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