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Outdoor wood surface treatment: oil vs. wood paint? Which one should I choose?

Fences, pergolas, facades, carports, terrace coverings, garden furniture, flower boxes… and we could list how much more beautiful we have the opportunity to make our yard and garden natural and homely with wooden elements. In addition to the familiar, but by no means the most effective, choices (such as glossy, plastic-effect thick glazes, shabby wood paints that crackle off after a short time), we now have countless options to save ourselves hours of sanding and poisoning. Not to mention when we promise ourselves for a long time that next spring we will have to grind and repaint the entire patio or fence, and then for years we will look at the withered, duller wood that is ruining our home. Of course, once we have made this mistake, we cannot do the magic, we have to do these tedious operations once, but if we choose Rubio outdoor products afterwards, we are guaranteed to save a lot of time and energy. In the case of new wood surfaces, it is worth considering the right surface treatment from the outset so that these woodwork can retain its healthy appearance for a long time and have as little time, energy and material maintenance as possible. We provide a little help with this with this blog post where we compare our outdoor wood oil and our outdoor wax cream wood paint.

Revolutionary technology - innovation in surface treatment

Both our outdoor products, Hybrid Wood Protector outdoor wood oil and Rubio WoodCream outdoor wood paint, are made with completely new and unparalleled technology that makes our products completely unique in the market for wood preservatives.

The efficiency of the Hybrid Wood Protector, the outdoor version of our indoor wood oil, is due to the technology based on molecular bonds. Wood oil reacts with the wood fibers, does not penetrate deep into the wood and does not form a film on its surface. As a result, it will not bounce off over time when exposed to the weather. Its water-repellent effect and UV protection preserve the natural look and feel of wood for a long time.

In addition to its strong water-repellent effect, Rubio WoodCream's special hydrophobic technology is also breathable, caring and self-cleaning. Thanks to the breathable effect, the wood can breathe even after the surface treatment, the fibers remain open, the wood retains its own regulation, so it can retain its natural feel and appearance. Thanks to its revolutionary wax-creamy texture, it is ideal for treating vertical wooden surfaces (fences, pergolas, wall coverings) as it can be easily applied without dripping or dripping.

When should you choose outdoor wood oil?

Hybrid Wood Protector is suitable for treating both vertical and horizontal wood surfaces and can be used for almost all types of wood. This actually means that whatever outdoor wood surface you want to color and wood protect, be it a complete terrace, garden furniture or fence, pergola, oiling can be a good choice. What to consider when making a decision: this wood oil will very well preserve the natural appearance and feel of the wood, the veining of the wood will look beautiful while its strong water repellent effect protects the wood from the elements. With a new, beautifully polished base material, these benefits are extremely useful for those who like to surround themselves with wood surfaces that have a natural color and feel. After proper preparation (sanding and cleaning), apply the oil in a single coat using a Pad, spray gun or even a polishing machine, depending on the surface, then wipe off the excess and allow it to dry. The extra advantage of the oil is that it can be used indoors, so with the residue we can even refresh our indoor furniture, or we can make extra wood decorations for the garden or terrace. It is extremely easy to maintain. When we see that the color of the surface is starting to fade or show signs of drying, we simply lubricate it with the oil of the color originally used, without having to sand it again. We have written more about the care and maintenance processes here.

In which cases do we prefer wax cream wood paint?

Rubio WoodCream was originally designed to meet a very special need that is still possible today with elements from the Gray Collection. This, in turn, meant a surface treatment agent that could give the appearance of natural aging of the wood, while the permeability of the wood under the topcoat allowed the wood to age at its own pace. Thanks to further improvements, this feature has been pushed into the background a bit, and the hydrophobic product is excellent for treating vertical outdoor wooden surfaces (fence, wall covering, pergola, etc.) with it. We really recommend using this product if you want to achieve a more covered coverage, we prefer the feeling of “painted” wood, but we also want to preserve a little naturalness from it. It is also excellent for providing surfaces that have previously been treated with some other surface protection agent, even varnish or glaze (after a thorough sanding, of course) with a good coverage, creative color effect and long-lasting surface protection. It is also easy to maintain and care for, by diluting the wood paint with the specially developed WoodCream Softener. This product can be applied in several layers, depending on how much you want to cover or show the grain of the wood. We wrote more about application and maintenance here.

Comparison of outdoor wood oil and wood paint

Whichever way you decide, you can be sure that with Rubio products, the end result of our wood surface treatment will be beautiful, natural and extremely durable. On the other hand, we can significantly reduce maintenance time intervals and costs. Whether you want to preserve and show the natural appearance and grain of the wood surfaces as much as possible, or to achieve a beautiful, even coverage, the appearance of painted wood (as can be seen in the color samples below) you can count on Rubio Monocoat outdoor products.


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