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Renovation and surface treatment of exterior wood - What kind of exterior oil should we use?

Rubio Monocoat's coloured (and also available in Pure) exterior wood oil, Hybrid Wood Protector, is an environmentally friendly product made from natural ingredients, 100% solvent-free, which additionally colours and protects exterior wooden structures. Whether you want to renovate, refresh or treat your exterior wood surfaces for the first time, our wood oil will be a good solution. Applicable to almost all types of wood, be it garden furniture, fences, swings, terraces, carports or flowerpots, sandboxes, pergolas. sparing you from frequent and laborious maintenance work.

Hybrid Wood Protector kültéri faolaj

About traditional wood oils in a nutshell

If you’ve ever used wood oil, you’ve certainly found that it has many benefits, such as being made from natural raw materials, giving a special, warm feel to the wood surface. (In some languages, very nice words have been formed for this phenomenon, the Germans say "anfeuern" - which we might translate to "fire" - if you think there is a more accurate, existing term for it, please comment!) However, there are some disadvantages to wood oil, which is why many prefer to give it up. It saturates the pores of the wood, which causes the wood surface to lose its proper protection over time, so it often needs to be maintained, is difficult to repair, and must always be applied in several layers. That's just enough to make you feel good about oiling. Yet we all see how much more natural and beautiful a surface treated with wood oil is than a glossy, work-like glazed or varnished one.

The advantages of traditional wood oil combined with modern technology

That’s why they started working on the problem in the Rubio lab, creating a modern technology that eliminates the disadvantages of traditional wood oil while retaining all of its beneficial properties. The effectiveness of Rubio wood oils is based on molecular bonding technology, which means that the wood oil molecules bind to the top layer of the wood. Due to this, the wood surface can absorb only as much oil as it really needs - so it is only possible to apply a single layer - thus significantly increasing the yield and economy. In addition, it follows that no overlaps or starting lines are formed during the application, but we get a nice, uniform surface (of course, after proper preparation - don't forget the importance of sanding!). Due to these properties, it can be repaired very easily and quickly, it is also very easy to maintain it with Refresh Eco Exterior Spray, and after a long time it is enough to re-oil it with the same product, even without sanding - depending on the exposure of the wood surface and weather conditions. In addition to the use of natural raw materials, one of the most important aspects of technological development has been to produce the product 100% solvent-free, ie without volatile organic compounds - so that no harmful substances are emitted and inhaled during use. So it is safe and environmentally friendly to use. We already know the technology, now let's take a closer look at our outdoor wood oil!

New generation exterior wood oil: Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector

In short, our exterior wood oil is extremely rich, economical, durable, solvent-free, environmentally friendly, easy to repair and maintain, and preserves the natural feel and appearance of wood. And even more… Our coloured wood oil also has UV protection and a water-repellent effect, ensuring a longer service life for outdoor wood surfaces. You can choose from a wide range of colors: in addition to natural colors, we also have bohemian, fashionable shades. However, if you still can't find the color you envision, you can request a custom color mix, as the colors of the outdoor wood oil can be mixed together freely, so everyone can create the shade they dreamed of. (You can find our blog post on custom color mixing here.) Hybrid Wood Protector can be used on almost any type of wood, it can be used on both vertical and horizontal wood surfaces, so it can be used to paint outdoor wooden furniture, terraces, carports, fences, flower pots, any outdoor wood surface. In addition, like our indoor wood oil, it has a children’s toy safety certificate, so we can use it to oil children’s outdoor toys, log cabins, climbing frames, swings or sandboxes. - Thanks to the bright colors, in addition to the traditional wooden look, we can also create a fun, colorful playground - while also providing timeless wood protection.

Extra color and even more durable wood surface with HWP Sunprimer primer and setting accelerator (B-Component)

If you want to give your exterior wood surfaces a little extra colour and wood protection, we recommend the optional Sunprimer for Hybrid Wood Protector. This water-based primer reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation, ensuring a longer life for the wood surface. We always recommend using the primer in the same color as the wood oil, so even more intense color effects can be achieved. You can see the differences here.

As with our indoor wood oil (RMC Oil Plus 2C), it can be used as an outdoor setting accelerator (component B) in a 10% blend. It is especially recommended for the treatment of surfaces exposed to higher mechanical stress, such as the surface of floors, terrace coverings, tables to make them even more durable.

And in our next blog post, Hybrid Wood Protector will be about applying exterior wood oil, it will be worth turning back.


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